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According to Statista there are roughly 237 million actively monthly users on Facebook in North America. That number has risen consistently since 2010. To ignore this platform would be a big marketing no-no. That being said, it’s not the silver bullet that some have made it out to be. As with any tactic it has its place and when properly deployed it can have a positive impact on metrics such as brand awareness, purchase intent, and brand favorability. Social media marketing is more than just firing up some sponsored posts. There are multiple facets in which a company can utilize social media such as content creation and distribution, customer service, remarketing, building brand advocates, creating communities, sharing, and customer acquisition to name a handful. Each advertising medium requires a different approach to most effectively communicate with customers. Social platforms are a unique beast because at their core they are built around relationships.

Therefore your approach to everything from developing content to a promoted post need to take that into consideration. People want their lives to be enhanced with something of value. Value can take on many forms such as a transfer of knowledge or a just a simple discount on a product or service. Understanding your consumer is critical to figuring out what that value exchange needs to consist of.

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Facebook can be a powerful tool for local businesses. Facebook allows local businesses to target a specific geographic area, re-market to existing customers, promote coupons and offers, and cultivate new customers.


Instagram provides small businesses access to an engaged audience on visually stimulating platform. Instagram operates on the same platform as Facebook and can be an effective complement to your social strategy to drive awareness, create brand equity, and customer acquisition.


Twitter provides access to interactive platform that can help your business get more likes, amplify your message, and get more people engaged with your brand.

Google Plus

Google Plus is a necessary component of any local seo strategy. Google Plus presents an opportunity to market your business and connect with your customers. It can also be an important part of your customer review funnel. Properly executed this can have a positive impact on your search ranking.

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