The Truth About the Myths of Building Citations for SEO

What is a Citation? A local citation simply means a mention of your business in any form around the Internet. Normally, it would include the name of your company, your physical address and contact number, and your website link. Citations have proven to be a crucial factor that helps in search engine marketing in OKC.

However, even if their importance is already stressed a lot, there are still those that have doubts about it. They worry about a number of things. This article aims to dig the truth out of certain myths that people believe about citation building.

Myth #1 –Your Citation Should Include Your Exact Suite Number

A lot of people are mistaken that suite numbers are important in citations. But, as a matter of fact, Google does not even pay attention to it. Whether you put a suite number or not, it simply does not exist in Google and other listings.

Google is more interested in pin markers or landmarks when identifying the exact location of your business.

Myth #2 – A Small Difference in the Business Name in Different Citations Are Actually Major Issues

There are times when your business name on one listing has a different name than the one in another listing. When this happens, people automatically think that it is going to be a very major problem. But the truth is, the algorithms of the search engines have come a long way since they were first made. They are so advanced now that they can actually realize that even if you have multiple names in different listings, if the other information is quite identical, they can consider it as one and the same.

So, do not waste your efforts in trying to fix this minor issue. Instead, just trust the process.

Myth #3 – It is The Single Most Important Link Building Strategy to Focus On in Local SEO

A lot of local SEO agencies have the wrong impression that citations are the only backlinking strategies that work for local SEO. In fact, some of them are so clueless that they think it is the only backlinking strategy out there.

Yes, citations are crucial but they are not the only strategies out there. Backlinking is made up of a lot of different strategies that work together for a better and stronger SEO campaign.

Myth #4 – Google My Business is a Type of Citation

This is really not that of a myth but more like a misunderstanding. You have to know that your Google listing is not a citation. The term is called “citation” because its nature is in the process of “citing” your business as a resource.

We can compare it to an academic paper. These big search engines are the proper academic paper and it uses the citations you do from outside resources as weight so that they are listed down in the official academic paper.

So, do not just focus on Google My Business when you are doing search engine marketing in OKC. Learn more about citations and properly distribute your efforts in doing outside citations.

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