Social Media Trends to Lookout for in 2019

Social media is a platform that is continuously evolving. It is constantly on the rise with new innovative ideas and trends. Most of these changes have happened gradually and were expected. SEO agency in Oklahoma City is best known to utilize these changes to its advantage. Some of the expected social media trends for the coming year are discussed below:


Monitoring or social listening is a process in which the web will be surfaced to identify any mention of the brand or anything related to it. This will include mention or reference on any social media platform. Monitoring currently is serving with a single objective of offering customer service and to maintain the reputation of a product. In 2019, the expected trend from the social listing is for generating leads and to sell products. At present, a few brands have adopted it but it is gradually gaining popularity and is expected to grow in the coming year.

Content Shared Through Videos

Content shared through videos have gained huge popularity and is growing every day. It is expected that in the next year this trend is going to completely own the market. Live videos on Instagram and Facebook have gained huge popularity and taken over. The unique feature of live videos to interact with the viewers has made them very attractive and intriguing for the users on social media. Live videos will also help in developing trust and brand significance.

Small Social Media Influencers

Social media influencers are the new trends of the market. Presence of various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc. having billions of users have given them significance and have made their market value. Small influencers or micro influencers have around 10K followers who completely believe in what micro influencers say. As per these followers, micro influencers are the experts in their fields. The worth of these small influencers has been recognized by advertisers and is now targeting them.

Targeting Individuals

At present, the amount of information uploaded by individuals on social media platforms gives complete insight about them. Now the customers are being targeted based on their previous search history. Those products will be marketed to an individual that he has previously checked out. From their online habits and information posted they gain complete information about an individual and will then use this information to provide with a personalized experience. Personalization by many is being considered as the next big thing to enhance marketing.

Real-Time Response

Social media is a 24*7 platform being utilized by individuals. To provide complete and instant assistance to the users on social media real-time communication is the most preferred option. It is also considered to be the future of marketing by many experts. Since social media is active always – customers continue to be discussing products and purchasing them. Tools have been developed that assist in finding any mention about the product. Chatbots are developed to assist the clients instantly. In the coming years, all the problems of customers are expected to be solved in real time.

The above-mentioned trends are expected to provide new techniques through which people will be able to connect with products and services offered. It will allow them to get real-time assistance and will also enhance their experience. The best SEO agency in Oklahoma City is the first to take a step in adopting the social media trends.

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