Quick Guide: Basics of Link Building for SEO

Basics of Link Building for SEO

Link building is the process of getting websites to link to your website. It should be sought by both marketers and business owners since it helps build traffic and increase the authority of the site on the web.

Why is link building important? Algorithms of search engines keep changing from time to time but backlinks are still important in the way search engines rank keywords. Link building is one of the basic and important tactics used during search engine optimization (SEO). This is because links are proof to the search engines that your site offers quality content worth referring to users. Sites with more links earn better ranks in the search engine lists. However, link building can either be right or wrong for your site depending on how it is done. For longtime viability of your site on the internet, you should only do natural linking through top search engine marketing companies. This refers to earning links to your site naturally instead of buying them or using black hat tactics in the manipulation of the links. The dangers associated with black hat linking may include your site being banned from the search results.

Natural link building is usually a time consuming and difficult process. This is because different site links have varied impacts in the ranking of your site on search results. Links from big websites pose a greater impact to your site compared to links from small sites.

Importance of Link Building for SEO

Building links are important since it is a factor that affects how search engines rank websites. Generally, website owners can improve the ranking of their sites by increasing sites that link to content on their pages. Imagine two websites promoting a similar product, in such a case the search engines determine the linking popularity of the sites. The site with higher linking popularity definitely wins the rank.

Strategies for Link Building

The example above provides a basic understanding of the importance of link building to a website. However, link building omits some factors such as-

  • The authority and trust of the linking pages
  • The content optimization of the linking sites
  • The incoming links’ anchor text

How to Get Sites to Link to Your Site

There are some strategies that you may use to get linked by external sites.

  • Creation and Promotion of Content – Create unique, up to date and compelling content that will make other websites want to refer to and link to.
  • Ask for Links from Friends and Partners – Turn to the people you work with or your friends and ask them to link to your site. Keep in mind that the relevance of your content should match with the sites linking to you.
  • Reviews and Mentions – Put the products and services you offer in the eyes of influencers in your industry. Get mentions from popular blogs and people with high social media influence.

As seen above, each page on the internet is associated with a set of keywords. By increasing the number of keywords in your content, you win the top rankings from search engines. Consulting top search engine marketing companies can help your website develop high-quality links which will increase your ranking on search engine lists.

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