Quick Guide to Anchor Text and How to Effectively Use it on Your Website

Learning about the basics of anchor text and how to use it effectively for SEO and website traffic.

Understanding how an anchor text is being used can help you optimize your website effectively. So in this article, we are going to talk on all that you need to know about anchor text, and how to use it effectively for the benefit of your website. You can hire the best Oklahoma SEO services to help you with it.

What is Anchor Text?

Surfing through the internet daily, you must have come across some underlined text mostly in blue color that is clickable. When these texts are clicked, you would be directed to another web page entirely. Now, these blue clickable texts are referred to as anchor text. You should also bear it at the back of your mind that these anchor texts are always derived by google. There are some other terms that are used alongside the anchor text, they are:

Anchor Title: When you attempt to click on the anchor text by moving your mouse on it, there will be a display of what the text contains. This display prior to you clicking on the anchor text is what is being referred to as an anchor title.

Context Around the Link: A general term for other terms used alongside the anchor text is known as context around the link. They include the following:

Title of the Page: This can be seen around the left corner of the browser that you are using. The importance is just to give an idea about what the page entails.

The body of the Content: This is simply all that is written in the article. Now, while trying to place an anchor text in the content body, make sure that the anchor text is placed at the beginning of the article. Another important thing to take note of is thatensure you dedicate a few lines to the anchor text before putting it there.

How to Effectively Use an Anchor Text?

As earlier explained, it is important that you know what the anchor text should contain before putting it in. Research has shown that varying anchor text would provide you with more results than just a single anchor text. But as always, make sure that every time you use an anchor text, you have previously explained it.

An example of how an anchor text can be effectively used is in this way. If you sell clothes, and you have a website for that purpose you can build anchor text links. The anchor text may be words like “men clothes”, “women clothes” and “unisex clothes.”It is important that you make the anchor text as succinct as possible. This would help you generate more traffic to your website, and the keywords would also help you in search engine optimization.

For successfully implementing anchor texts, you can hire an experienced Oklahoma SEO services company and anchor text writer. But if you want to do this yourself, we encourage you to do so by following the above tips. This isn’t rocket science if you do not get website traffic at first — just keep using the trial and error method till you get it right.

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