Why is local SEO important?

As a local business with storefronts in a specific area or areas, your prosperity depends to a great extent on drawing in customers who are within your geographic area. For instance, a bank in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, will need to attract individuals in the Oklahoma City area who are searching for somewhere to bank or for specified banking services such as loans or investment services. While accomplishing this objective can take various distinctive structures, few methodologies produce the results as well as SEO. Local SEO can be characterized as an arrangement of online methodologies intended to contact individuals who are in a specific territory. This method of SEO uses an assortment of techniques to tell search engines such as Google where the business is found. When web crawlers have access to this data, they can incorporate the organization’s site in queries for individuals who are in a similar territory. There are many motivations to take advantage of local SEO, of which the opportunity to boost business is top of the list. Outlined below are the main motivations to consider adding local SEO to your marketing strategy.

Localized searches constitute nearly 50% of all Google queries.

Considering that close to fifty percent of Googles queries are comprised of local searches, it is vital for organizations to ensure that they appear in search results for individuals searching for relevant products and services in their general vicinity. Without a thoughtful SEO strategy in place, businesses will miss out on potential customers who are in their area and effectively raising their hands that they are interested in what they have to offer. What’s more, neighborhood SEO has a tendency to be more compelling and more helpful than alternative marketing strategies for reaching nearby customers, (for example, advertisements in local newspapers) since individuals are progressively swinging to the internet to identify companies in their area that can provide what they’re looking for. Statistics show that roughly 64 percent of individuals looking for local businesses use the internet to perform that research. With localized search on the rise it’s critical that local companies embrace search engine optimization as an important component of their online strategy.

Mobile phones are becoming the dominant device for online searches.

According to Google local searches lead 50% of mobile users to visit stores. One study indicated that 78% of local searches performed on a mobile phone eventually lead to a sale. The consistent ascent in smartphone utilization implies that there will be a direct correlation on the dependency of these devices for local news and information. Mobile phones provide instant access to local businesses and the immediacy of the device shortens the conversion time for businesses by granting them access to consumers who need their product or service now. Exploiting this reality with a mobile SEO strategy can help you convert leads in an expedited fashion.

Localized search leads to action.

Obviously, the significance of localized SEO lies in the effect it has on the companies that utilize it. Statistically local SEO has proven to have a positive impact on generating leads, conversions, and ultimately sales. As an illustration, 18% of local searches produce a sale within 1 day, and roughly 50% of people that performed a search visited the business within a period of 24 hours. The reason for this is simple, when people perform a search they are typically ready to act. All you need to do is think about your own search behavior. When you search ‘restaurants near me’ you are typically ready to eat. When you type in ‘Air conditioner repair OKC’ you generally need your AC fixed. And the examples go on and on. In the marketing industry we all love to talk about the funnel. The goal is to get somebody from the top to the bottom or from awareness to purchase. Search sits at the very bottom of that funnel. Through utilization of local SEO a business owner can insure that their business is there when a customer needs it.

Local SEO allows you to earn qualified leads.

Local SEO is critical on the grounds that it brings you leads and sales. However, it is additionally essential in light of the fact that the leads it brings you have a tendency to be substantially more qualified than what you receive through less targeted means. The absence of local SEO strategy could result in drawing customers into your site that have no prospect of utilizing your product or service because you aren’t within their geographic area. On the surface you are seeing increased traffic to your site but they become window shoppers that don’t stick around very long. Often this will be reflected in the bounce rate. All clicks are to a website are not created equal. Local SEO takes aim at individuals who are in a position to instantly and effortlessly make the most of what a business has to offer. While you may not procure as many site visits for “HVAC Oklahoma City” as you would for a broader catchphrase, the activity you do get will be individuals in Oklahoma City who are ready to take advantage of your heating and air services. This proves to be true regardless of what category the business operates in. In order to get a better grasp on how your business can take advantage of local SEO you should reach out to a company that understands your market dynamics and specializes in helping companies achieve their goals through search engine optimization.

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