Linking Articles on Your Site for SEO Optimization

Google algorithm uses different methods to decide which site to rank high and which one to rank low. For your site to get a chance of ranking on the first page of the search engine, it is important to link it. When you link articles to each other, Google SEO in Oklahoma understands the internal structure of your website better. Linking should be done in a manner that the best articles are ranked high up on your site while those of lower quality are at the bottom. Links are important since Google uses them to determine the value of the content.

Why Are Links Important?

Google skims through websites using a bot called Google bot. What this bot does is that it goes through a website from one post to the other and pages, posts, and any other content through the links provided in the posts. It checks the relevance of the linked pages to determine the value of the information.

Link Value

The homepage of a website contains the greatest value in terms of links due to the large number of backlinks it has. The way that it works is by dividing the link value to the number of links on that page. The remaining value is divided by the next page’s links and so forth and so on.

For your new posts to be found faster by Google, it is important to link them to your home page, in this way it will be easier to assign a higher link value to the new posts.
The logic used is simple to understand. The more links your site or post has, the more link value they have. When Google ‘sees’ that your posts have many valuable links, then it will rank your site high.

Link Pages Continuously

Linking your pages should not be a onetime activity, but you should continue to do this as often as possible. The relevance of one page to another and the relationship of pages on your site plus the value of pages is better understood by Google when you use internal links.

Furthermore, cornerstone article is the most important article on your site. Essentially all your posts should be linked to this article through interlinking of one article to another. However, direct linking should be done for this cornerstone article; you should link other articles which are similar in content to this article. By doing this, Google finds it easy to understand how linked articles are relevant to each other.

Link More Than One Page on a Single Post

Linking pages to one another is an SEO in Oklahoma strategy that we have already discussed. However, you can link more than one article. For example, you might be writing a post on a certain topic like “lifestyle diseases.” In this post, you can link a post you had written on cures of lifestyle diseases and also on the same post you can link another article you had written on “foods that reduce lifestyle diseases.”

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