How Social Media Platforms Have Changed Marketing?

Social Media Platforms

It is evident that the world has greatly changed from ancient times to a modern age. Everything rotates about the internet and mobiles are the order of the day. How has this affected marketing?

The small changes that happen every day in the field of the internet affect the daily lives of human beings. Many industries have been affected by changes in technological trends over the last two decades. Digital marketing OKC is one of the fields that have been greatly affected by the changing persona of buyers in the online world. What was at some point referred to as paper marketing is nowadays digital marketing. The massively competed air time in the past (TV and radios) has been translated into keywords which control the visibility of everything on the internet. The internet has brought a completely new phase in marketing. The online world comprises of social media platforms which can boost your traffic and here’s how.

How has Marketing Changed as a Result of Social Media?

Marketing constantly changes with the evolving world around it. Since the time of radio to newspapers and television up till now, social media marketing has been dependent on the changes and advancements in the technological world. Social media has impacted marketing in key areas such as-

a)Customer Service

The way that customers are served has totally changed as an impact of social media. Customers have the opportunity to interact with representatives from their favorite brands over the platforms. Often customer representatives offer fast replies to customers hence increasing the customer experience and building trust in the brand. This enables brands to collect customers’ requests, queries, and complaints which may be used in the future for building the brand.


Assessment of rising and falling trends of brands has changed the way we do business in the modern world. Before the rise of the digital age, efforts in marketing were characterized by an increase in sales. This method had one disadvantage in that there were no details to prove the effectiveness of the marketing strategies implemented. In the age of the internet, analytics are carried out to show the exact statistics in the rising and falling trends in businesses.

Statistics are taken to show the exact reason why a customer made a purchase and the time taken for the purchased product to reach the customer. The analysts also take statistics and provide rankings on the effectiveness of various marketing strategies implemented by different brands.

Social media and the internet, in general, has influenced the world and totally transformed the operations of marketing. New marketing strategies are being invented and implemented for online businesses to help them grow. Social media optimization is one of the best ways to increase visibility and ranking on search engines. This involves the use of keywords to ensure that the content on the website and social media platforms is up to date to address the user’s needs.

The new trends in the internet and social media have both positive and negative impacts on the growth of businesses. Many organizations now involve digital marketing OKC instead of traditional marketing which is indeed time-consuming.

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