What Is High Speed Keyword Research and How Does It Work?

Keywords are a useful currency in the world of online business. The amount of business that you make online is highly pegged on having the right blend of keywords. Keywords are your way of ensuring that potential clients find your business online. Getting the right blend of keywords is, however, a time consuming task. You not only need a thorough understanding of your business, what it stands for and what unique solution you are offering to your clients. You need to understand like an Oklahoma city SEO expert your target audience’s way of thinking. This means that you understand what words or phrases they relate with your line of work and figure out which blend of words and phrases best works for you. There are, however, ways to accelerate the keyword research processes.

Defining High Speed Keyword Research

As earlier mentioned, keyword researching is a time and effort consuming affair. High speed keyword researching enables you to get quality results pertaining to the appropriate keywords to use for your site at a much shorter time frame. Given the importance of key words in ensuring your brand’s visibility, you definitely want to ensure that you are using the right words to optimise your online resources and not just any words. High speed keyword researching therefore enables you to find and evaluate suitable words.

Find The Right Words

The basic principles of determining the right keywords apply to high speed keyword researching. You have to understand your business from a business owner’s perspective and from a prospective client. This means that you have to create a list of words that best describe your business and what it stands for. You also must create a list of words that you think your target audience will use to relate to your business. Once this is done, applications such as Ubersuggest and Yoast Suggest Expander will help you find other terms related to your line of work. These applications work through a snowball effect. This means that they consider the keywords you suggest and give you a list of other words that have previously been searched for in association to the ones you have suggested.

Are Your Words Viable?

It is one thing to have the words that you think your audience is likely to use when searching for goods and services related to your line of work and it is another thing to have useful, search engine optimising words. Now that you have generated a list of potentially beneficial keywords, it is time you determined their viability. Tools such as Moz or hiring an Oklahoma city SEO expert can come in handy when evaluating the competitiveness of the suggested keywords. The more competitive the keywords the more difficult they are to use and the less the likelihood of improving your website’s rankings especially if yours is a small site that is yet to become full established. A simple Google search of your potential keywords should also help you discover the competition. In the event that larger, more established sites are highly ranked for your keywords of interest, consider making use of long tailed keywords instead. While they are less popular, they have the potential to bring in more business for you as you work on growing your fan base.

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