Good Backlinks Vs. Bad Backlinks – What You Need to Know

One thing about SEO Oklahoma is the requirement to constantly check and update backlinks. Backlinks are clickable texts on websites that link back to one’s website. Most online businesses constantly ask questions about which backlinks are the best and how to use them effectively. Over the past two decades, Google has been using backlinks to rank keyword searches.

Backlinks are the key to good ranks on search engines. This is common knowledge, however, you need to be aware that significant changes were done by Google in 2013, which since then affected backlinks. This blog will define the good backlink practices and highlight bad backlink practices that could harm your SEO campaign.

Important Concepts Regarding Backlinks:

Not Just Any Backlink is Good

In the past, Google awarded the spammy backlinks with good ranks, but this is no longer the case. Today Google catches the spammy links and punishes them with poor rank results. Despite all this, close to 90% of companies have not been able to adjust their old tactics to acceptable practices.

Many Backlinks Can Affect Your Website

Google expects quality over quantity, they are not concerned with the number of backlinks your site has. Most companies do not understand that having a lot of backlinks will no longer make your SEO campaign efficient.

Anchor Text is Important

Anchor texts are crucial. The links should be natural, however, not bombarded with anchor texts. Trying to fool search engines over time results in plummeted ranking results.

Quality of Site and Content is Key

Other than having backlinks and great anchor texts, Google requires your site to be of high quality and the content to be relevant. Have links that are related to the website. It would make no sense to have a house cleaning service advertised on a celebrity forum. Just as it doesn’t make logical sense to human beings, it also doesn’t make sense to search engines.

Spammy Backlinks are Simply Not Good for Your Website

These spammy backlinks can cause real damage to your domain. The longer the spammy techniques are used the more the work required to remove them. Once you realize the SEO service being used for your company is using spammy techniques, notify them to stop immediately.

This is mostly because Google has made changes within its algorithms that penalize any spam related backlink techniques. There is a Google tool called disavow that is used by SEO masters who can’t seem to remove all the spam links manually. The process of removing spammy links

can be lengthy and time-consuming. In addition to this, it can be very costly.

How Do You Identify Spammy Links?

There is an easy way of identifying spammy links created for your site. The process is simple, ask yourself, whether or not you would click the link from the site it is posted. If you are truly honest with yourself, you will be able to spot the spam links quick. Google can detect spammy links by evaluating the number of people who click on a particular link vs. the number of people who visit the page. Hire quality SEO Oklahoma experts to ensure such issues don’t arise with your backlinks.

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