Five SEO Tricks to Rank Your Content Better on Search Engines

As a new business entering into the online world, you might be wondering how to make a mark. Here are five search engine optimization OKC tricks to ensure your next post online gets found by the leading search engines.

Choose a Keyword That You Can Center Your Content Around

Here is the first and most important step to consider before you write that next blog or web content. Choose a keyword which is a popular search term or phrase that people type in search engines to find out more about it. The best way to approach this process is to visit Google Keyword Planner which is indeed a free tool that you can avail to find the most searched keywords in your industry. Once you scan and select the right keyword, it is time to know more about your competition.

Research About What Your Competition is Doing Right

Now that you have a keyword it is time to research your competition. Use this keyword in search engines like Google to see the top ten results. Check out all the content they have published using this keyword and see what they did better and what is missing.

Now Come Up With Quality Content

Since you are now aware of how your competition approaches in creating the content, it is time to better their strategy. It does not matter whether you are creating a landing page or blog; it needs to be better than the ones already existing to ensure your audience takes note of the content. Indeed it is the most difficult part of the process, but you can make it amazing by writing the best quality content.

Use the Keyword in the Title and the Content

Of course, this is a no-brainer, but here’s the thing – your post’s title must include the keyword. Although, it does not have to be exact. Besides, the title must be enticing enough to invoke interest in visitors to click it. A good way to create a title would be to include a number and an adjective and the benefit of reading your post. For instance, instead of just creating a title that says ‘Make Money in Your Spare Time,’ you can title it as ’25 Ways to Make Extra Cash in Your Spare Time.’

Also, use the keyword in the content in a natural way to attract the attention of Google bots. You can also try including the keyword in the page’s URL address, image name, and in the sub-headings.

Include Internal Links and Build External Links

Now that you have created the best post on your website, it is important to link it internally and direct to it from other pages on your website. Here’s the logic – if you are not talking about the best post on your site, who else will do it? So visit some of your older posts and include a link to this new fresh content from those pages.

You can also reach out to other websites that talk about your industry to include an external link to your new content from their existing posts as part of search engine optimization OKC. Better yet you can write a guest post for them and insert the link to your new content which is indeed valued by search engines like Google.

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