Five Practical Things You Need to Know About How SEO Works

SEO has become a major component to help website owners gain traffic. Typing keywords to look for information in the search engines brings some sites on the first page. These sites show that the owners have employed the required keywords and search optimization services to be recommended by the search engines. How does SEO work really?

On-site SEO

It applies the following:

Title tags: this is where you place your site’s major reason of existence. It is only 70 characters long or less. The brand’s name should appear together with the keywords that are related to your content.

Meta Description: In this case, more information is given concerning the site to the search engines. Your keywords should appear both in the title and metadata for the crawlers to notice.

WordPress: This is on the list because it provides plugins like SEO by Yoast and Scribe SEO. These plugins are very helpful when infused to bring you up the search engines

Internal Links: Building links to pages on your site makes your site SEO friendly.

Emboldened Text: You can make keywords bold for the crawlers to notice them.

Images: Your images should be described well by using keywords to make them usable in image searches.

Header Tags: there are three levels of headers. Use all three header levels in your content.

It is a good thing to know all these but be cautious about how you use your keywords. Overdoing these onsite elements can be harmful to your website. Google penalizes sites that seem to stuff keywords in their content.

Link Building (off-site SEO)

The basic point in link building is getting the other sites linked to yours. This is meant to attract traffic causing a rise in the search engine visibility. Look at these three systems:

  • Organic links are those that do not require permission to be used as they are natural
  • Whitehat Links are quality links that you can use
  • Blackhat links are considered as spam as they hurt your site more than they benefit

Content is King

Great content is useful to both your readers and the search engines. When people read your content, and they keep coming back, the search engines notice your site making it more visible in the search. So you must have quality content on your site which might include videos, blog posts, and many others. It is with great content that people will share and invite others to your site.

Use Google+

Google+ can help you rank among the top. You will need to create an account on Google+ by accurately filling details as required and then add on your profile the site you want to be ranked. Sharing information, following other people as they follow you back is what you will do with your profile. Whenever your site is searched, it will appear with a customized list of friends.

Monitor Your Campaigns in Search Engines

Google analytics tool will help you track the number of visitors to your site and the kind of keywords that were used by most to find your site. By employing search optimization services you can reach more potential customers by boosting the visibility of your site.

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