Common SEO Mistakes and Their Remedies

If today was 10 years ago, it would be extremely easy to write three 500-word blog posts in one day and succeed in ranking at least one of them on search engines. However, search engines like Google have become smarter and they saw that their results page were only flooded with poorly written content. This prompted a lot of development in their algorithms that even the Oklahoma SEO services had to keep up with.

Today, content is still king. However, poorly written ones are mistakes that you should avoid. And speaking of mistakes, here are a couple of SEO mistakes that most rookie SEO professionals make and some suggestions about what to do to fix the situation.

Thin Content

Thin content has already become pressing issues that drive away a potentially large traffic from your website. There are a lot of businesses that are aware that they need to make content. However, they only create a mere 100-200 words article that hardly contains any value or worse, does not make sense at all.

The Remedy: Take the time to spot your weaker contents. Go do a search on Google using “” and browse through the pages that you think should not be there. Then, use the Google Search console to see if there are 404-errors that need fixing. This way, you will be able to see which ones need to be repurposed or improved.

Quantity Over Quality

As we have said, Google has become smarter and they focus more on the quality of the content or the links more than the quantity. However, it seems like there are still some businesses that are way behind the updates. Today, garnering a hundred backlinks in one day is already useless if these backlinks are not of the right quality. Or, posting a blog every day will not work if the post is irrelevant.

The Remedy: Focus more on the problems of your audience. You should be creating content or creating backlinks that are in line with the solution you want to provide for their problems. Even if it means spending a longer time in creating valuable content, do it because Google will pay more attention to relevant articles and links.

Posting Content…Literally Just Posting

This is probably the most ridiculous mistake when it comes to content marketing. Many businesses tend to create a hefty amount of content and post them instantly. Sure, all of these contents have useful information. But, the question is, “is it useful for your target audience?”

The Remedy: Know your target market. Take time in analyzing the data you have gathered so far and study your current market. What are their online activities like? Which age bracket do they belong to? What are their interests? When you know these things, you can then create content that is based upon the things that your target market will be interested in. It saves you from the hassle and it can bring better results.

There are still a lot more mistakes that a business can commit when it comes to their SEO efforts. If you are unsure about the performance of your business, you can always get the help of the Oklahoma SEO services and see if there is anything wrong that you are doing. Then, start working together to make them right.

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