Brief Guide: Creating White Hat Links

Your keyword ranking plays a big part in influencing the number of clicks you get. According to research, ranking top for particular keywords will add as much as 30 percent more clicks to your site. Keywords alone though are not the end of the story, when you seek out digital marketing OKC, you will also need to include links as part of the package you expect.
Here is what links can do for you:
-They help to publicize your brand by providing links from already recognized authorities in your industry
-They provide you with organic traffic which improves your ranking
-Links are like referrals from quality websites that continuously provide traffic to your site

Defining White Hat Linking

This is a process of Search Engine Optimization that involves manually finding high-quality websites where you can place links on your site. These websites will need to have relevant content about your industry. The links will help to provide organic traffic to your website which will also boost your website or page ranking in search engines like Google.

White hat linking defers from black or grey hat linking in that these two will involve buying links or building them using different methods but they are mainly just an illusion that you are getting high-quality links and they are aimed at tricking search engines into giving you a high ranking even though your links and content may not be quality stuff or even relevant.

How to Build White Hat Links?

From the get-go, it is important to know this is not an easy process and it will take time and money to create effective white links. Although it is difficult, it is still possible and if you focus on the following, you will be able to create quality white hat links.

Step 1: Create Relevant Content

Create content that your audience will benefit from, many people make the mistake of focusing solely on search engines, yet it is the people you want to attract and retain.
To make it relevant, you need to consider what they would be interested in knowing or what problems they need solved or advice.
Search engines these days lookout for content that engages the visitor, so your content would need to do that. A professional writer may be able to help you with that aspect.

Step 2: Match Content to Targets

You need to profile your targets and then see which content is best for the audience. You can then pinpoint the keywords within the content that match search terms that may be used by the audience. You can also search Google for related keywords that may be trending. When these are identified, you will need to contact the relevant site administrators you wish to have links to. You can find their contacts on the About page of their website.

Step 3: Create a Contact List and Get in Touch

It is time to make actual contact with individuals who can make the decision to accept your links. Do not be disappointed if some turn you down, but it is also important that your content and links are relevant to the sites you choose.


Another option is to provide guest posts, so it could be published on another site with links back to your own site. Companies that provide digital marketing OKC can help you with the entire process.

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