24 Top Website Conversion Tips You Need to Know

Having issues getting conversions from your web page? Here are a few tips from top Oklahoma City marketing specialists on how you can optimize your page for the best results.

Sticking to Fundamentals

You need to stick to the fundamentals of your page. In order to enhance the visibility of pages, focus on the following areas:

Direct People to a Targeted Page

Get a new landing page that focuses on the goal.

Provide Consistent Experience

Customers should get consistency when it comes to design, messaging, tone, and destination site.

Get to the Point

In online advertising, you want to get right to the point to avoid boring people.

Attention Grabbing Headline

Pull traffic in with a clear and captivating headline.

Get Rid of Clutter

Ensure there are not many things vying for a potential client’s attention on your page. You want to have a central point of attention.

Take Off the Navigation

Navigation options mostly divert attention away from your site. Get rid of them.

Highlight Your Message

Don’t hide your mainline inside some sentences. Ensure the line is the first thing people see.

Repeating CTA on Long Pages

When producing a long landing page, repeat your core message at regular intervals.


Every page element must support your core value preposition.

Having Different Types of Media

You might want to try video marketing since it keeps clients involved and interested.

Share on Viral Pages

Have it on all your social media sites

Ensure Trust and Security

You can ensure trust by:

  • Showing your phone number
  • Eliminating barriers to valuable content
  • Brand consistency
  • Avoid sales gimmicks
  • Avoid popups
  • Only use verifiable facts
  • Get good endorsements

Have SEO on Landing Page

This is important especially for long-term projects:

Things You Should Know Before Creating a Landing Page

  • Your business objective
  • Knowledge of your audience
  • Highlight your core message

Things You Should Know Before Designing a Landing Page

  • Check for availability of domain name
  • Avoid past errors
  • Replicate your success
  • Do competitor analysis

Things to Consider Before Going Live

  • Maintain a checklist
  • Do the 5-second rule testing operation with colleagues
  • Get the opinion of several people

Takeaways at Campaign End

Do a post-mortem on concluded campaigns and derive takeaways

Consistent Testing

Things to test include:

  • Test graphical images
  • A/B test to validate your decision making
  • Call to action
  • Highlight primary message

Tips for Corporate Settings

You can easily get ahead by not being smug and becoming a landing page guru

Landing Page Forms

Reduce your bounce rate by:

  • Directionally cue a visitor to fill the form
  • Get rid of unnecessary fields
  • Use oversized buttons

Optimizing Call to Action

Make your call to action clear by making CTA’S Unambiguous

  • Avoid offending customers by not including an unnecessary form
  • No pop-ups

Reporting Analytics and Metrics for Landing Pages

Having a campaign without metrics is like having a runaway trip, you won’t keep up.

Know When to Use a Landing Page

Use landing pages when:

  • You have special promotions
  • Your boss demands it
  • When you have multiple inbound sources

Indeed hiring top Oklahoma City marketing experts can help bring your website into the limelight while you focus on more pressing issues in your business.

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